10 Robot Vacuum Tips to Keep Your Floors Clean

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Posted 03/18/21 7:45am by Prim

It seems the much touted robotic revolution has come in a much less romantic package. Instead of hordes of robotic workers manning futuristic factories, there are robotic arms building cars.

In place of an ever watchful A.I., there are artificially intelligent telephone answering systems. And in place of humanoid robotic maids there are disk-like robotic vacuum cleaners that roam around the floor.

They may not be exciting, but robot vacuum cleaners are still eminently useful, especially if you use them the right way.

Here are 10 robot vacuum tips to streamline your housekeeping duties:

1. Do some Pre-Cleaning & Preparations

Robotic vacuum cleaners are great, but little things can trip them up. Although these vacuums have sensors to detect obstacles and evade them, they may not be able to detect small objects as something to avoid.

Picking up and putting away small objects like coins, screws, socks, small toys and the ubiquitous Lego blocks will make the robotic cleaning process much easier.

2. Tuck in the Tassels

If you have tasseled rugs on the floor, tuck those tassels underneath the rug before you turn the robot loose. Robotic vacuum cleaners are notorious for sucking in those tassels and getting themselves stuck. If you have shaggy carpets, make sure your robot vacuum can handle it before you let it loose on it.

3. Tie Up the Cords

Robotic vacuum cleaners hate cords, and loose lines can easily get sucked into the roller. This can cause the robot vacuum to stop in its tracks or even pull the cords along its path.

Taking the time to tie up those cords is always a good idea. You can purchase some cable management kits and cord organizers to help you manage this. Some robotic vacuum cleaners even come with cord tying kits.

4. Follow the Robot Around the First Time or Two

Robotic vacuum cleaners are great, but their movements can sometimes be somewhat erratic and unpredictable. Since every home has a different layout, you should take your new robotic vacuum for a test run or two to see how well it roams around your home.

Getting a feel for where the robot goes and how it moves around obstacles is a smart idea, so follow it around the first few times.

5. Set up Barriers

Expensive robo-vacs come complete with LIDAR and home mapping technologies, essentially setting their own barriers and stopping themselves from getting stuck. Less costly cleaners may not have these features, and that could mean going old school.

Something as simple as a baby gate or even an old cardboard box can stop the robovac from getting stuck under the couch or TV stand.

6. Clean the Roller Brush after Every Use

Many manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners recommend weekly cleaning of roller brushes. However, that may not be enough if you have pets and lots of loose hair lying around.

Cleaning the roller brush every time you empty the dust cup is a good practice. It’s a great way to keep your robot running smoothly.

7. Clean the Charging Station

Over time the charging base the robot goes home to can gather dust, dirt and lint, so wipe it down with a clean cloth while the robot is out doing its thing.

8. Download the Associated App

Most robotic vacuums come with dedicated apps that allow them to connect to your home Wi-Fi network. Once the app is downloaded, you can schedule cleaning times, outline no-go areas and exercise more control over how the robotic vacuum operates.

9. Schedule Cleaning Times Ahead of Time

If you want to make your cleaning truly stress free, schedule cleaning times once and let the robot (and the app) do the rest. You can even schedule the cleaning for the middle of the night so that you can wake up to freshly cleaned floors.

10. Order Some Extra Filters

The filter in your robotic vacuum will get clogged up over time, and for the most part a light cleaning is all you will need. But eventually the filter will wear out, and having an extra one on hand is always a good idea.

The world is still waiting for the robotic revolution, but that does not mean robots are not able to do certain jobs to help you out. Given the variety of available quality robot vacuums for sale, if you don’t already own one, you may just want to pick one up for yourself. If you love your home but hate your housework, a robotic vacuum cleaner can make your life easier, especially if you use the 10 tips listed above.

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