5 Exterior Home Decor Items That Will Change Your Life

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Posted 09/20/21 7:45am by Prim

Adding some style and design to the exterior of your home is a great option for anyone looking to entertain or enjoy the indoor-outdoor lifestyle. There are many ways to improve the exterior of your home, but this often requires a great deal of time and money. If you are looking to improve the appearance and functionality of the exterior of your home, these five simple home decor items will absolutely change your life.

1. Lighting

One of the best ways to improve the overall appearance and functionality of the exterior of your home is to add exterior lighting. There are many options for lighting to choose from, and the one you decide on will likely be based on personal preference.

One of the most popular options for outdoor lighting is solar lights that stick into the ground and allow you to light up your walkways or gardens. This helps you see your home at night and light up the path you take if you get home when it is already dark. These are a great option because they allow you to light up your home without increasing your electric bill.

Another great option for outdoor lighting includes solar up & down lights. These lights allow you to showcase different parts of your home and garden areas. They will either sit on the ground or hang from the desired location to help brighten up your home and keep it safer. They will add texture and design to any home and make it the ideal place for entertaining.

2. Potted Plants

One of the best ways to increase the style and design of the exterior of your home is by using potted plants. Gardens are a great way to add color to your home, but potted plants allow for increased design and texture.

The best thing about potted plants is that you can move them around as needed. You can bring them to different areas of the yard to get sunlight and even bring them inside when the weather gets cold.

Try experimenting with different sizes, shapes, and styles of pots to help increase the overall design of your home. Add different colored plants with different heights to create one-of-a-kind pots that are sure to get people talking.

3. Outdoor Furniture

Another ideal piece of exterior home decor that every home should have is a few pieces of outdoor furniture. Whether you have a small yard or a one-acre lot, there is always room for exterior furniture. Try using a small welcome bench with a couple of pillows to make your home feel welcoming. If you are looking to entertain, use a large outdoor patio set to accommodate all your guests. There are plenty of good outdoor furniture deals out there. No matter what type of furniture you use, try to make sure that the style matches the style of your home. Use pillows to help bring the indoor-outdoor lifestyle home.

4. House Numbers

House numbers are a great way to help showcase your home and bring it into the modern age. Too often, homes have traditional stickers on the mailbox. Try updating your home by adding some metal or wood numbers to the exterior of your home. Look for numbers that are of the ideal size and font that you want. In addition, hang a light above the numbers so that everyone will be able to see them.

5. Shutters

Another ideal exterior home decor item that can change the overall appearance of your home is your shutters. Shutters are one of the first things that people see when they look at your home. If you are tired of the traditional plastic shutters that are on most homes today, try updating them. You can use farmhouse wood shutters for a unique look or shop at a local hardware store to find something that is more your style.

These exterior home decor items can help change your life. They will help you feel safer and more confident in your home. They can increase the overall curb appeal of your house for only a very small investment. These items can help all homeowners achieve an indoor-outdoor living space and a home that will be admired by everyone on the block.

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