5 Reasons to Run on a Treadmill, Instead of Out on the Street

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Posted 03/15/21 7:45am by Prim

People tend to see a treadmill as a boring alternative to turn to when the weather doesn’t permit running outside. In some ways, treadmills really do offer an experience that isn’t as good as the real thing – you don’t have fresh air to breathe in or nice scenery to enjoy.

Running indoors on the treadmill, however, does offer a number of benefits that you don’t get pounding the pavement outdoors.

If you’re trying to compare running on a treadmill to running outside, here are some ways in which the treadmill wins out.

1. Indoor Running May be Safer in Certain Situations

In certain circumstances, indoor running would be safer than outdoor running. When you run outdoors, you sometimes have to deal with extreme weather, wet or slippery road surfaces, turns with blind spots for cars, or other unsafe situations that you have no control over. When you run indoors on a treadmill, you won’t have to deal with any of these potentially dangerous situations.

Some people who choose to run outside also do not have access to trails with clean, fresh air. What they have is a track in a park close to a busy road where air quality may not be the greatest.

Also, when you run indoors, you don’t need to worry about protecting yourself from the sun. Sweat-proof sunscreen can be an expensive investment when you run frequently, and it’s money that you can spend on something else, when you run indoors.

2. Treadmills Make it Easier for You to Program Your Workouts

Whether you prefer to work out to interval training or fartleks, treadmills have programs to direct you. All you need to do is to press a button, pick a program, and have the treadmill run you through a series of workout challenges.

You don’t need to stay alert about the changes that you need to make to the way you run. If you set the incline feature to even a low figure (like one percent), the amount of energy that you expend is likely to be the same as if you were running outdoors, according to research released by the University of Brighton in Britain.

3. Treadmills are Easier on Your Joints

Most modern treadmills have cushioned running surfaces — they are sprung on the inside to absorb the shock of your feet slamming down with each step.

The cushioning helps lower the intensity of the shock that your knees and other joints experience. You have no such protection running out on the streets; the treadmill, however, keeps your joints safe from wear and tear over the long term.

The fact that treadmills come with smooth surfaces with no interruptions, also means that you don’t ever need to move laterally, from side to side, to avoid stones, roots, cars, people, or other impediments. Especially if you’re running after an injury, the simple, consistent, forward motion of the treadmill will be easier on your joints.

In addition, if there is any reason you need to stop running in the middle and rest, a treadmill doesn’t require you to worry about finding your way back home.

4. Less Clothing to Wash

With a home treadmill, you get to work out in the comfort of your home. There is no need to wear extra clothing to protect yourself from the wind or cold. This means that when you run in the winter, you won’t need to wear leggings, extra shirts, a jacket, mittens, and a hat, to stay at a safe, comfortable temperature. Since you only need summer wear to run at home, you will have fewer things to wash. A smaller laundry load is always welcomed.

5. Wider Range of Entertainment to Choose From

When you run outside, you only have the option of music on your headphones to energize you as your run. When you’re at home, however, you have the option of watching whatever television show or video you fancy, or running to your favorite music blasting out of speakers.

You can even stay tuned in to your workout with your favorite beverage which wouldn’t be an option outside. The more entertained you are, the less aware you tend to be of the effort that you are putting in, and the longer you are able to go on exercising.

If you’re trying to decide whether you should get a home treadmill for your health, these positives may help you make up your mind. Another incentive would be the variety of excellent home treadmills for sale out there.

If you have already decided on a home treadmill but are not sure how to choose one, check out this article on how to choose a treadmill for home use. If you want the convenience of working out in the comfort of your own home, on a surface that’s easier on your knees, a home treadmill is a great option for you.

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