Are Electric Bicycles Really Worth It? 

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Posted 04/29/21 7:45am by Prim

Sales of electric bikes have soared in recent years as consumers search for greener, cheaper, and more efficient methods of transport. The electric bike is an excellent solution for all of these needs.

Additionally, they can give you a good workout. Electric bike cyclists can keep fit in the knowledge that the electric motor will get them up a steep hill or help them arrive at work more quickly. 

Electric bikes first became available for sale around a decade ago. Initially, they were prohibitively expensive. The good news is that they’ve dropped in price dramatically. If you’ve been on the fence about whether to purchase one or not, we’re here to let you know if electric bicycles are really worth it.

What is an Electric Bicycle?

Electric bikes have the look and feel of a regular bike but with an in-built motor included. You can ride the bike using only pedal power, but you can also turn on the motor and let it assist you. The keyword here is “assist.” The motor doesn’t power the bike for you. Rather, it gives more power to your pedaling, allowing you to ride the bike with far less effort.

Depending on the model, electric bikes can typically run for 40-70 miles on one charge. This is usually more than enough for the standard commute or journey.

Are Electric Bicycles Really Worth it?

In short, yes! There are many reasons why it’s worth investing in an electric bike. Here are the best reasons to do so:

  • You’re more likely to use your bike: Cycling has long been the hero of keeping fit while getting to a destination. However, we all have days when we’re tired, just not feeling, it or when the weather is challenging. This is where the electric bike comes into its own. Because the motor gives you maximum power for minimal effort, it makes getting on the bike a whole lot easier. You’re less likely to swap an electric bike for your car or public transport, so you may use it more frequently than you think.
  • It’s cheap: An electric bike is far cheaper to run than a car and costs a lot less than a monthly public transport pass. Since each charge only sets you back around 10 cents, the ongoing costs of running the bike will hardly put a dent in your wallet. You also don’t need to pay out for hefty annual insurance for electric bikes like you would with a motor vehicle.
  • It can be quicker: Electric bikes are swift machines that can get through standstill traffic with ease. This makes them particularly useful if you live in a congested city and need to get somewhere fast. Cyclists can weave in and out of traffic jams and go down narrow side streets, meaning you can take shortcuts to get to your destination quicker.
  • They’re effective during cold or windy weather: The cold can make it unpleasant and difficult to cycle. High winds can make it almost impossible. With the motor’s power to back you up, you can brave the elements with more ease.
  • They take up minimal space: Many city dwellers live in small apartments with no parking facilities. An electric bike provides a much-needed mode of transport and hardly takes up any space.
  • They’re great for health and well-being: As well as being a fabulous form of exercise, using an electric bike can be great for mental health too. Getting outdoors and taking in the fresh air as you ride does wonders for the soul.
  • Handy for hilly areas: Even the hills of San Francisco are no match for an electric bike. Those who live in hilly areas can now ride a bike without worrying whether or not they’ll make it back up the hill.

As their popularity continues to grow, you can expect to see the quality and durability of electric bikes increase. At the same time, we expect the prices to remain very affordable, especially if you look out for a deal. 

If this article has persuaded you to purchase an electric bike, check out some great deals on electric bikes. With new deals updated regularly, your perfect electric bike may be available soon at a more than attractive price-point. For convenience and cost-saving, the future is most definitely electric. The only difficulty will be choosing which electric bike to buy. Check out the deals page for right choice and save yourself money in the process.

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