Best Backyard Games for Adults and Kids

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Posted 09/6/21 7:45am by Prim

Backyard games can be fun to play, easy to learn, easy to set up, and portable. These games are not only great for entertaining the kids or burning off some excess energy, but also provide moments where families can spend time and grow closer together. They are great for providing some healthy competition, learning how to win and lose, and how to support each other.

We have complied 9 backyard games that adults and kids alike can enjoy. You won’t waste much time setting them up, you won’t have to break the bank to make them happen, and you’ll be sure to return to them time and time again.

Here is our selection of tried-and-tested outdoor games that you can set up in minutes, while being entertaining, and could travel with you on any outdoor holiday or camping trip.


A simple game known the world over that is easily transportable. All you need is a ball! You can supercharge your soccer fun, however, by adding foldable goals. This kit comes with two goals, an inflating pump, and four stakes so you can have sturdy, practical goal posts in any environment fast.

With a portable soccer kit, you can look forward to not needing jumpers and bags for goal posts. Say goodbye to arguments about whether the ball went in or would have bounced off a post. And when shots are on target no-one will need to run to fetch the ball!


A classic 70s game in which players aim to throw a horseshoe onto a pole. As simple as it sounds, it is an addictive game that takes some skill and is harder than it looks, in a good way.

Fortunately, these days you can play it with a modern twist that doesn’t risk personal injury or breaking windows. You can now find rubber horseshoe games that won’t detract anything from the original game.

Hide and Seek

Classic outdoor games are classics for a reason. This classic backyard game is easy to play, familiar to almost anyone, and requires no equipment. All you need are good places to hide, making this ideal for many backyards.


A lightweight, portable badminton can turn any backyard into an entertainment center. Not only is badminton excellent and fun – testing skill and co-ordination – but it’s also incredibly healthy; perfect after a summer of eating too much ice cream!

This deluxe badminton set comes with a sturdy travel bag, heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum poles and a premium nylon net that can withstand even the most competitive player! You’ll even enjoy competition-quality goose feather shuttlecocks.


Almost everyone knows this game. And it can be a fun game for all the family, depending on the fitness of the adults! Suitable for any number of players and ideal for backyards, be sure to make things harder or fairer by disallowing tagging the person who just tagged you.


If you have an epic, flat lawn, you can enjoy a game of croquet, one of the most popular yard games for those with the appropriate land. Your lawn needs to be as flat as possible. Players use a mallet to hit a ball through various hoops. A great test of eye-hand coordination and suitable for multiple ages.


Trampolines can be tricky to put up, but this one includes a useful spring pulling tool so you can get to the fun part as quickly as possible. The fun part is great exercise for all the family.

This JumpKing Hexagon trampoline, has a galvanized steel frame and welded T-connectors for stability, strength, and support. Padded enclosure poles provide extra protection for your loved ones and the UV-protected jumping surface that resists degrading and discoloration over time. Add intensity to any trampoline activity with the additional toss ball game included in the kit.

Corn Hole

This is another classic game that’s great fun in an outdoor space. Players try to get bean bags through a slanted board with a hole at the top. Play from the right distance so that the game is not too easy and you’ll find this fiendish fun for all ages.

Jump rope

You can jump rope alone or with others, and a range of ages can participate. With jump-rope-rhymes, your kids can have great fun with friends with an element of competition if that’s your thing. All you need is one or two jump ropes and some imagination to make this great game come to life.

With these backyard game ideas for adults and kids, you will be able to make the most of the good weather and enjoy your outdoor space to the max. Feel free to put your twist on these popular outdoor games to make them even more accessible and fun.

Weekends are an excellent time for winding down from the week’s stresses and enjoying time with family. Make the most of the time by playing backyard games together. With the help of some inspiration and a few supplies, you can make memories that will not only see you through the workweek or school week but will also last a lifetime.

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