Do Massage Chairs Work and Is One Worth Buying?

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Posted 06/17/21 7:45am by Prim

It’s hard to beat a good massage, especially if you experience tight or sore muscles regularly. Massage works out those knots and leaves the recipient feeling relaxed and more flexible, so it’s definitely an indulgence worth splashing out for every now and then.

The issue is, however, that having regular massages performed by a qualified therapist can quickly become too expensive. Therefore, a popular alternative to seeing an actual therapist is the massage chair.

You may have already noticed these chairs in waiting areas of airports and other public spaces. You drop in a quarter and the chair goes to work on your back.

Massage chairs for home use are smaller than those you see in public, but they are just as powerful. A big question remain, though. Are they effective and are they worth the money? Let’s find out.

What is a Massage Chair?

Suppose you’ve never seen or experienced a massage chair before. They can look strange. At first glance, the chair looks like a sort of leather recliner with separate leg rests. Inside the chair are mechanisms that knead and massage the body while sitting in the chair.

The speed and intensity of the massage are adjustable to the person’s liking via a control panel fixed to or near the armrest. The control panel also allows the person to choose which area of the body the chair works on.

High-end versions of the chair use smart body scanning technology (optical and pressure sensors) to determine trouble spots on the body that need massaging.

Why Wouldn’t You Buy a Massage Chair?

The main reason that people don’t choose to buy a massage chair is that they’re not cheap. Even the lower-end models will set you back four figures. The high-end models run up to $12,000 and beyond.

Although the upfront cost is significant, this could work out cheaper in the long run, particularly if you see a massage therapist every week or more. The cost of these chairs remains a big consideration when determining if they’re worth it or not.

Is a Massage Chair as Good as a Therapist?

A machine is limited by its technology, whereas humans can use their diagnosis skills, intuition, and communication with their clients to adapt their therapy accordingly. A therapist can also reach areas that a chair cannot and incorporate other types of treatment, resulting in a more holistic experience. A massage chair is entirely limited in these respects.

While a massage chair can give you a perfectly respectable massage, it won’t ever be up to the same standard as an experienced therapist. Nor can it ever carry out chiropractic or osteopathic treatments.

In short, nothing beats the real thing, especially if you have specific medical needs. But, a massage chair can be an excellent option for relieving some aches and pain or to have just for the joy and relaxation of a nice massage.

Bottom Line – Are Massage Chairs Worth it?

It’s up to the individual to assess what he or she wants from a massage. If you need specific treatments, a massage chair probably isn’t for you and can sometimes cause more harm than good.

If your massage needs are more general, then you could calculate the cost of the chair against how much you spend on massage treatments. For occasional use, a massage chair won’t be worth it for you. But, if you visit a therapist regularly, you may find that the chair pays for itself more quickly than you would expect.

Overall, they’re a great investment if you intend to use the chair regularly. They’re an even better investment if the chair will be used by more than one person in the household.

Keep a Close Eye on Massage Chair Deals

One way to significantly reduce the cost of a massage chair is to hold out for a sale or deal. A good idea is to visit a specialist retailer to try out different models of massage chairs to find the one you like. Once you know which model you want, you can start looking online and at all the various retailers to see the price differences. If the cost of the massage chair in the store turns out to be the cheapest, you can always buy it there.

Also consider that you can wait until your preferred retailer holds a sale. Since massage chairs have a high price, the cost savings can be significant. Being patient and waiting for the price to drop may make the massage chair a much more affordable option than you first thought.

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