Fire Pit Placement Ideas and Tips You Should Know

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Posted 06/10/21 7:45am by Prim

Fire pits are a great focal point for any garden. A well-installed fire pit can look beautiful and provide a cozy space to enjoy a drink or socialize with friends. They allow you to enjoy your outside space for longer as it keeps you warm during the cooler months.

Choosing to install a fire pit involves several important safety considerations. First, you can’t place a fire pit wherever you want as it could pose a fire hazard. You need to give it proper attention if you have kids or pets, as an unsafe fire pit could injure them.

Whether you’re looking for a chic, modern fire pit design or a more traditional look, follow these tips for safe placement:

Choose Your Location Wisely

A fire pit can emit sparks and embers, which can easily ignite any nearby objects. Therefore, place a fire pit in an open and clear area of your garden. The space must be free of other structures, including plants and trees, including anything that overhangs above the site. There must be at least 10ft of space around your fire pit.

The ground on which you place your fire pit must not be combustible. If you’re setting your fire pit on a grassy or wooden floor, you’ll need to place a concrete or stone slab to protect the ground. Additionally, the ground must be flat or level so the fire pit can remain sturdy.

A Sheltered Location is Best

Windy gardens aren’t ideal for fire pits. Wind can quickly cause a fire to grow out of control, or it can blow embers into flammable objects.

For safety, opt for a sheltered location of your garden. If this isn’t possible, consider creating a sheltered area using fencing panels or other large structures.

Select a Covered Area With Caution

While it is possible to install a fire pit in a covered area, it’s not recommended. If you insist on using a covered location, ensure that the sides are open to allow for airflow and that the ceiling is high enough so that sparks cannot reach it.

Only consider gas or propane-powered fire pits for covered areas. You will be able to control the height of the flames more easily.

Can a Fire Pit Go On a Decked Area?

Yes, you can place a fire pit on a wooden decked area. Lay a slab of stone or concrete first, however, as you cannot place the fire pit directly on the wooden surface.

In addition, your decked area must be large enough to have ample space around the fire pit. Finally, ensure the decking wood has been treated properly to have flame retardant properties.

Plan Your Seating Area

The whole point of a fire pit is so that people can sit around it. There are plenty of comfortable flame-retardant options on the market. Or, if you’re DIY inclined, you can build something bespoke.

Factors to consider are ensuring there’s enough space between the fire pit and seating area for people to safely get up and walk around. People like to sit close to the fire but then want to move away when they get too hot, so your seating plan should include moveable seating.

A good rule of thumb is that there should be around 7ft of space from the edge of the fire pit to the nearest obstacle. This is considered enough room for people to safely move around the fire pit.

Raise Your Fire Pit

It’s entirely possible to build a fire pit into the ground, but do this with extreme caution. In-ground or low-to-the-ground fire pits can pose a serious safety risk. If someone were to trip and fall, they could easily end up in the flames. These could be risky for anyone with kids or pets.

The safer option is to go for a fire pit that is raised. Safer still are models with a wide rim, increasing the distance between the person and the flames. To be extra secure, you can install a fireguard around the perimeter of the fire pit, just as you would for an indoor fireplace.

The last thing you want to endure is suffering an accident or witnessing one by your fire pit. By ensuring you follow all the placement tips, you will make your fire pit area as safe as possible. As a result, you’ll spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your fire.

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