How Do You Get and Use Groupon Bucks? 

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Posted 04/22/21 7:45am by Prim

Groupon has long been a popular way to save dollars on everything from meals in restaurants, activities, household items, and even vacations. However, there’s a way to get your Groupon deals cheaper or for free. Collect Groupon bucks.

Groupon bucks act like currency within Groupon. You can use them instead of cash to purchase anything the site offers. Even if your Groupon bucks don’t cover the entire cost of the purchase, you can use them and pay for the remainder with your credit card.

You’re probably now wondering how you can get your hands on some Groupon bucks. Read on to find out.

How Do You Get Groupon Bucks?

There are two ways to gain Groupon bucks. They are:

  • Earn them through referrals
  • Collect them by participating in promotions

Both ways of gaining Groupon bucks contribute to one overall amount. For example, suppose you earn $10 from referrals and $20 from promotions. You will have a total of $30 Groupon bucks to spend.

How to Earn Groupon Bucks Through Referrals

Referring friends and family to Groupon will get you $10 per person. So, if you successfully refer five people, you’ll have $50 to spend. The referral process is simple. All you have to do is:

  • Log in to Groupon.
  • Click on “My Stuff” in the top right-hand corner
  • Select “refer friends” from the drop-down menu
  • Choose from several options to refer people:
    • email friends and family with the information directly
    • Share via Facebook
    • Share via Twitter
    • Copy the hyperlink to distribute however you wish

Those who use your link to sign up to Groupon will receive a code. On successful sign up using that code, you will receive $10 worth of Groupon bucks.

How to Earn Groupon Bucks From Promotions

To earn Groupon bucks from promotions, you have to keep an eye on Groupon’s emails and newsletters or visit the website regularly. The promotions differ in type. It’s up to you whether you wish to take advantage or not. Typical promotions include:

  • 5% back in Groupon bucks when you purchase a Groupon Getaway vacation
  • Special day events where you can gain 5% back on any Groupon purchase made within the time limit
  • Other time-limited promotions on specific Groupon purchases that will earn you a percentage of Groupon bucks back

When you take advantage of a Groupon promotion, the Groupon bucks will appear as part of your balance after a successful purchase.

How to Check Your Groupon Bucks Balance

To understand how many Groupon bucks you have, simply log in and click on “My Stuff” in the top right-hand corner. Select “Account” and click on “Groupon Bucks”. Here you can view your Groupon bucks information, including:

  • Your remaining Groupon bucks balance
  • The Groupon bucks’ expiration dates
  • Your issuances (the activities from which you’ve received your Groupon bucks)
  • All previous Groupon bucks transactions

How to Spend Groupon Bucks

Spending Groupon bucks is easy. All you have to do is browse the Groupon website and add items to your basket. When you’re ready to purchase, head to the payment page. 

Under “payments options,” you’ll see the option “Apply available Groupon Bucks.” Click this. It will deduct the amount of Groupon bucks you have from the total balance. You can pay any remaining balance using your usual method.

Something to Watch

It’s worth noting that there are some things you cannot purchase using your Groupon bucks. They are:

  • Groupon gift cards
  • Any Groupon Getaways Market Rate reservations
  • All deals where using Groupon Bucks is prohibited. Check whether the deal you want prohibits Groupon bucks by reading the fine print.

Occasionally, you may find that Groupon bucks do not apply to your chosen purchase while you are attempting to check out. If you click to use your Groupon bucks and the site deducts nothing from the total, this most likely means that you cannot use your Groupon bucks for that item.

Groupon is a fantastic way to save money on just about anything fun or useful. With Groupon bucks, you can save even more. We recommend signing up to receive Groupon’s emails. By doing so, you can ensure that you don’t miss any promotions. Also don’t forget to visit our website regularly to see what’s on offer.

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