How to Find Hidden Deals at Walmart

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Posted 07/19/21 7:45am by Prim

There’s a certain thrill to be had from knowing you’ve grabbed something at an incredibly low price. Even better if you’ve managed to find a deal hiding among the full-priced products.

Walmart is notorious for its low prices and shoppers flock there to save big on the products they need. However, this treasure trove of bargains has other surprises to discover. If you know where to look and when to shop, you can easily get products marked down by as much as 90%. 

Entire Facebook groups are dedicated to the art of seeking out deals at Walmart, but we’ve done the hard work for you already. Here’s the best secret info on how to find hidden deals at Walmart.

Get Ready to Shop the First Five Days

Clearance items are always available at Walmart, but, after a time, these already cheap products are marked down further. Timing matters. Walmart tends to mark down clearance items during the first five days of every month. Time your shopping trip for this period to enjoy the lowest prices and the widest selection of clearance products.

Look Beyond the Clearance Aisle

The clearance aisle is the first place bargain hunters go. While there are certainly some very cheap items to be found here, it’s not the only place to find clearance items.

Those with keen eyes will spot marked-down products nestled next to full-price items throughout the store. They will be situated in their usual store section, not in the clearance section, so they can be easy to miss. While the non-discounted items will be at eye level, it pays to look down. Discounted products tend to be stacked lower down on the shelves. If you take the time to look down on the bottom shelves often, you can find some serious discounts.

Get Savvy With the App

We all know that Walmart stores are huge. They can be colossal. We appreciate that this makes the prospect of scanning all the shelves for marked-down items a daunting prospect. Help is at hand, though. Or rather, help is in your hand.

Walmart has a clever app that allows you to search for clearance items. You can use the search bar within the Walmart app to search for clearance items. Then, all you need to do is map out which aisles you need to visit. When your items are scanned during check out, you should see the lower price. If the lower price does not appear, however, do not worry, because you will have the proof ready inside your app.

A bonus is that the app will show items that have been discounted further than the displayed clearance price. Make use of this technology to be in and out of the store with an armful of bargains in no time.

Dig Deep in the Fresh Produce Aisle

Fresh produce has the best buy date, telling customers when the product is at its best. If nobody has bought the item the day before the best buy date expires, Walmart will mark down the item.

What typically happens then is that the marked-down products go to the back of the shelf to make way for the newer, fresher products. Therefore, if you take the time to search the back of the shelf, you may find what you want at a discount. 

Wait to Buy Toys 

It’s no secret that toys are at their highest price right before the holidays. However, after a high must come a low. January has amazing deals on toys, sometimes even up to 90% off. July is the next best month to find marked-down toys. Make sure you wait for these months to stock up on toys if you want to enjoy the largest discounts.

Use Brickseek to Find Your Dream Bargain

Clearance items don’t linger for long on the shelves. If you’ve found a discount sign but the products are all sold out, you can use the Brickseek app to check inventory in other Walmart stores.

If it’s a good enough deal, it will be worth the drive time to pick up the item or items at another store.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you don’t ask, you don’t get is the motto here. Store managers can issue discounts at their discretion, so it won’t hurt to ask them for one. If there is a clearance item and they’re keen to move it quickly, they may increase the discounts for you. 

The next time you shop in Walmart, you’ll be able to find the bargains like a seasoned expert. When you pick up deep discounts and bargains, you may find you love deal hunting so much it becomes your new hobby.

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