How to Shop for Bedroom Furniture on a Budget

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Posted 03/11/21 7:45am by Prim

Your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in the house. People spend almost half of their lives sleeping, so it stands to reason that it’s wise to get quality furniture in the bedroom.

High quality doesn’t necessarily mean high prices, though. At specific points in the year, savvy shoppers can take advantage of the best time to buy bedroom furniture on a budget.

If you are patient, observant, and willing to purchase items separately, you can get yourself fantastic deals to improve and transform your bedroom.

Bedroom furniture typically consists of:

  • A bed and mattress
  • Bedside tables
  • A chest of drawers
  • A vanity unit
  • A closet 

These items can seriously add up. For this reason, we recommend that you consider waiting until prices are at their lowest.

Here are our suggestions for getting the most for your money and getting an incredible deal on the bedroom furniture you will love. This is how you shop for bedroom furniture on a budget.

Don’t Rush

Unless your bed has collapsed, there’s usually no rush to buy new items. Relax. Take your time. Wait for the best moment to buy bedroom furniture.

  • Begin by deciding on a style of a piece of furniture you like. Start researching multiple major retailers to see which one has the item at the lowest price. 
  • Subscribe to the retailer’s newsletters and offers. You may find you are sent a coupon to redeem against the cost of purchase.
  • Set up an email alert to notify you the moment the item goes on sale or has a deal applied to it. Sales can often be held on limited amounts of stock, so you don’t want to miss out when the price drops.

Buy Items Separately

It’s not uncommon to find that a set of furniture does not all go on sale at once. It’s a tactic used by retailers to get you to buy at a higher price.

For example, a bed may go on sale, while the matching side tables and drawer set remain at full price.

If you’ve got your eye on a particular set of furniture, wait for each item to go on sale before buying. That means you won’t buy the entire set at once, but you can buy every piece over time. Patience is key for this strategy.

Bed With or Without the Mattress?

Typically you can purchase a mattress and bed set. However, this isn’t always the cheapest way to do it. Our tip is to find a mattress and bed you like, then compare prices for the set and for individual items.

Compare across multiple retailers as they often have the same items at various price points. The bed could be cheaper on one site and the mattress more expensive, but you’ll find it vice-versa on another site.

The Best Time to Buy Bedroom Furniture

As with all items, there are times of the year where you’ll more likely find bargain prices.

If your heart is set on new bedroom furniture, these are the key months to keep an eye on:


Retailers typically introduce new bedroom collections in the spring. That means retailers are keen to free up space to make way for the latest stock. Usually, you’ll see older models and collections for sale at rock-bottom prices.

The closer it gets to spring, the deeper the discount, but you cannot guarantee stocks will last.


Memorial day is a crucial day for sales shopping. Bedroom furniture is no exception. You may also see special financing deals available, making your purchase even more manageable.


Another key sales date is Independence Day. Most consumers are in full summer mode during this time. And retailers are keen to lure people back into the stores. While the deals can be good during this period, they’re usually not as deep as in other months.


Of course, we cannot leave out Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s just as good a time to get excellent deals on bedroom furniture as it is for other items. 

Our pro tip for this sales event is to hop online and shop there. Window shop beforehand to decide what you want, then jump on your laptop as soon as Black Friday starts to snap it up. It beats standing in endless queues and fighting with hordes of people any day.


Wait until the very end of the month when retailers have their year-end blowout sales. This sale tends to feature incomplete sets of furniture, which is great if you want only one or two items, but not so great if you’re looking to shop for an entire room in one day.

Now you know what to do to get the best deals on bedroom furniture, we wish you happy shopping! We hope this guide has helped you identify what’s important to you, where to find the best deals, and how to get them over the course of the year.

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