Is A Robot Vacuum Worth it?

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Posted 06/14/21 7:45am by Prim

Cleaning is a time-consuming chore. Most of us would prefer to spend our valuable time doing something other than cleaning. Who wants to vacuum the floor when you could be spending time with family and friends or working on an important project? Fortunately, technology has our back. Manufacturers of electronic cleaning products have recognized that we need solutions to this issue.

In recent years, robot vacuum cleaners have become popular household items. There’s a lot of appeal to owning an item that does the cleaning for you.

However, these robot vacuums are not cheap. Are they worth the investment? Let’s find out…

What is a Robot Vacuum?

Robot vacuums are small, disk-shaped devices that run automatically. They are battery operated and can be recharged via a charging socket or charging station. They move about the floor sucking up dirt and dust until they encounter an object. Then, they automatically change direction. It’s rare for a robot vacuum to get stuck in one place.

Once the robot vacuum has finished its job, you can empty it manually, ready for its next use. Higher-end models of robot vacuums can also wash floors.

The Appeal of a Robot Vacuum?

Robot vacuums can be left to do their job on their own. Many people like to switch theirs on before leaving for work in the morning. When they return in the evening, the vacuuming has been completed and the floors are clean.

They’re suitable for all types of spaces and rooms – large or small. If there are no obstructions, such as steps, the robot will happily travel from room to room, cleaning as it goes.

Obviously, the “set and forget” feature holds great appeal for people who don’t have time to spend cleaning every day. It’s far cheaper than hiring a cleaner, and the running and maintenance costs are minimal.

What are the Downsides of a Robot Vacuum?

A decent model robot vacuum will set you back anywhere between $300 – $900. Low-cost versions of robot cleaners available on the market tend to be poorer quality machines with less effective batteries. You can expect a cheap model to break down faster than a higher-end model and the battery is unlikely to last anywhere near as long.

Secondly, note that robot vacuums can only travel across the floor. That means any upholstery, curtains, and other soft furnishings have to be vacuumed by hand using a traditional vacuum. Furthermore, if you live in a house that has multiple levels and staircases, it’s not going to be long before you get frustrated carrying the robot around the house so it can do its job.

Finally, although robot vacuums do an excellent job of sucking up pet hair, they are not able to recognize when an animal has had a toilet accident on the floor. This has led to many incidents of robot vacuums picking up and spreading the mess. Not ideal since this poses a health risk and only serves to create more work for you.

Are Robot Vacuums Worth it?

If you live in a flat-leveled home where the robot would be able to travel easily from room to room, a robot vacuum may be well worth the money. The amount of time you save from not having to vacuum can make the robot worth the investment.

However, if you live in a multi-leveled home and/or you have a lot of soft furnishings and upholstery that also needs vacuuming, you may find the robot vacuum more frustrating than useful.

Ultimately, look at your lifestyle and your home and weigh up how much convenience the robot vacuum will add to your life.

Choosing a Robot Vacuum

As we mentioned above, it is better to invest in a good quality model from a reliable brand. That way, you can guarantee the longevity of the device. Other features you should look out for when choosing which robot vacuum to buy are:

  • Lithium-ion battery – ensuring good battery recharge and running times.
  • Models that you can easily find and purchase replacement parts for.
  • Scheduling features that allow you to program when the robot turns itself on and off.
  • HEPA filtration system.
  • Navigation systems are powered by AI, so the robot learns the layout of your home. Another useful feature is “virtual walls” that prohibit the robot from entering a certain area of your home.

If you decide to purchase a robot vacuum, then it’s worth waiting until the model you want goes on sale. For example, check out the offers for robot vacuums on sale at DealEpic. This way you can get a great deal for something you know will last and do a good job.

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