The Lifespan of a Couch: When Is It Time to Replace?

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Posted 02/4/21 7:45am by Prim

When we buy a couch, we often don’t think that it has a limited lifespan. We also only consider replacing it when we change the décor in our homes. But, couches do deteriorate after several years.

When your couch is on its last legs, it’s important to replace it. A couch that doesn’t perform well can lead to backache and other health problems. It’s no longer doing its job correctly.

With that in mind, let’s look at when you need to replace yours.

What is the Lifespan of a Couch?

The typical lifespan of a couch is between 7-15 years. That means that after seven years, it’s time to think about a replacement.

Several factors will tell you when it’s time to say goodbye:

Your Couch Starts Creaking

One of the biggest indicators your couch is on its way out is when it starts to creak. This means the wooden frame is under stress and is beginning to give.

Eventually, it could crack and break entirely. This eventuality could cause an injury to whoever is sitting on it. Even minor creaks can become significant issues, so don’t ignore the sound until it gets worse.

Your Couch Starts to Smell

All couches accumulate dirt over the years. Of course, you can clean them, but dirt can embed itself deep into the cushions and padding. This dirt can remain no matter how thoroughly you clean it.

After a time, it can start to smell. Those with children and pets can often find their couch starts to smell sooner than expected due to the extra challenges they tend to encounter.

If you find that the smell doesn’t go away no matter what you do, it’s time to replace your sofa.

However, a good way to avoid this problem with your new couch is to buy one with a waterproof cover, such as leather, or purchase an extra cover that you can remove and wash.

This can help extend the life of your couch a few more years.

The Cover Becomes Ripped or Frayed

Constant wear and tear thins fabric over time. Eventually, the cover will fray or rip entirely. Of course, you can patch it up or cover it, but it will only get worse.

Eventually, the tears will get so bad the stuffing will start to come out. Rather than wait for this to happen, recognize that it’s time to invest in a new couch.

The Couch is Saggy

Just like mattresses, couches will eventually sag in the areas where they receive the most weight. This can be damaging to those who sit on it because a sagging couch no longer offers proper lumbar support.

If you want to avoid suffering from a bad back or sustaining an injury, invest in a firm couch that gives great support and comfort.

Your Couch Makes You Itch

A couch that makes you itch needs to be removed from the house as quickly as possible.

Unwelcome residents such as bed bugs or fleas have likely moved in.

It’s difficult to remove these pests altogether, and they can quickly spread to other areas of the home, so get the itchy couch out of there.

Your Couch Breaks

If your couch breaks, don’t try to fix it. It can break further and cause an injury as well as being uncomfortable to sit on. An actual break is a clear sign that it’s time to invest in a new couch.

A broken couch has had its day, and you need to move on.

Your Family Grows

As you expand your family, you need to expand your couch. Too many people sitting on the same couch will put it under additional strain and cause it to wear or break sooner.

Trade in your small couch for a larger one that can accommodate you all comfortably. Alternatively, you could buy an extra couch to ensure that everyone has enough room.

Your Living Space Changes

Changing up your living space or moving house can mean that your couch no longer fits the area properly. A couch that’s too large for the available space will get in the way and frustrate you. A couch that’s too small will look strange.

If you are considering a sectional sofa but not sure what to look for, you can check out this article on what to look for when buying a sectional sofa.

Of course, this is purely aesthetic, but we feel a couch should add to the overall enjoyment of a room and not look out of place.

As a final point, always buy the best quality couch that your budget allows. If you are not sure how much you should spend, you can read our other article on how much you should spend on a qualify sofa. A well-built couch will be sturdy and made from a material that protects it from spillages and stains. Not only that, a good couch will last much longer than a cheaply built one, so it’s worth investing as much as you can afford.

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