What Are “Today’s Deals” on Amazon (Gold Box Deals)?

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Posted 02/11/21 7:45am by Prim

If you have your eye on something you want to buy, it makes sense to hold out for a deal so you can get it at the lowest price possible. Amazon tends to have low prices in general.

But did you know you can get items even cheaper if you wait to see if it’s featured on the “Today’s Deals” on Amazon (also known as Gold Box Deals) page?

Although Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday feature the deepest discounts, there are still great deals to be had on Amazon’s “Today’s Deals.” Catch the right deal for something you need and you can grab yourself a bargain. You just need a little more patience and time dedicated to get the best deals.

You need to watch out for some things when observing Amazon’s “Today’s Deals” to make sure you’re getting a good discount. Fortunately, we know a thing or two about great deals. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to do to get the most benefit from Amazon’s “Today’s Deals” or Gold Box deals.

What Exactly are “Today’s Deals” on Amazon?

Just like a restaurant will have its daily special, Amazon has its daily specials too.

There are several different types of deals you can find on Amazon’s “Today’s Deals” page.

You can filter the type of deals you want to find by choosing the deal type you want to see on the left side of the page.

The different types of deals you can filter include:

  • Deal of the Day: Typically, this refers to a single item on sale for one day. Usually, the item is in limited quantity.
  • Lightning Deals: These are deals with a countdown timer or with a limited amount of stock. Once the timer runs out, or all the available stock is sold, the deal ends. These can be found throughout Amazon and are available on the Today’s Deals or Prime Day pages.
  • Savings & Sales: These are ongoing discounts and promotions. While these discounts will not be as deep as lightning deals or deal of the day, you’ll find that they are available longer. 
  • Prime Early Access Deals: If you happen to be a Prime member, then you can also take advantage of “Prime Early Access.” This allows you to snap up Amazon’s Lightning Deals 30 minutes before non-Prime members. This time bonus is especially good for deals with minimal quantities. If you are not a Prime Member already, you can sign up here.

There are also other types of deals feature on the top of the “Today’s Deals” page. These include Amazon Coupons, Renewed Deals, Outlet Deals, Amazon Warehouse Deals, Digital Deals and Woot! Deals.

The renewed deals page offers refurbished like-new products with deep discounts and comes with the Amazon Renewed Guarantee. Amazon’s outlet page offers discounts on thousands of overstock items. The Amazon Warehouse page offer great deals on quality used products. And Woot! Deals offer daily deals and limited time offers on both new and refurbished products.

How to Shop Amazon’s Today’s Deals

Check the “Today’s Deals” on Amazon (Gold Box Deals) page regularly. You can also see a link to “Today’s Deals” at the top of most of the pages on Amazon.

Check the page often and daily if you can. Morning is the best time to check. Since the deals are typically limited in time or quantity, you need to get in there early to take advantage of them.

The Deal of the Day deals are typically featured on the first page. After that, there are literally hundreds of other deals which you can browse.

If you are trying to find a particular type of item, you can use the filter and sort options. You can filter by Department, Deal Type, Availability, Price, Discount and Average Customer Reviews.

You can also sort the deals by featured, price, or discount. The “Sort by” dropdown filter menu in the top right corner of Amazon’s “Today’s Deals” section can be a very useful tool.

If you want to see the the deals with the highest discount, you can choose the “Discount – High to Low” option. Using this option in conjunction with the other filters can land you some amazing deals.

The filter and sorting features are very useful tools for findings the deals you want if you spend some time to play around with them.

Are the Deals on Amazon “Today’s Deals” Worth My Time?

Here’s where things can get tricky. Not all discounts are created equally. If you see a deal offering more than a 30% discount, we recommend that you do some homework before you buy. 

You can perform a Google search to see the price range for the item on Google’s shopping tab. Note that it’s always worth checking other retailers for the same product before buying via Amazon. Amazon is generally cheap, but it isn’t always the cheapest.

The rule of thumb is that small discounts will tend to be long-running and refer to the usual product price. Daily deals and lightning deals will feature short promotions but much deeper discounts. Make sure to keep an eye on the daily deals and lightning deals to get the most from Amazon. 

In our view, it’s an excellent idea to keep your eye on what Amazon “Today’s Deals” are doing each day. You can catch some good deals by doing so. If you are looking for additional deals, you can also check out our deals on Amazon page where we manually find and post many deals we find on Amazon on a daily basis.

As long as you stay realistic about the discounts and take the time to do your research first, you can land a great deal and avoid being misled. When you finally click to buy, having checked previous prices, you can be confident you’re getting a genuine, good deal.

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