What Should I Look For in a Women’s Mountain Bike?

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Posted 02/18/21 7:45am by Prim

If you’ve decided to get into the world of mountain biking (MTB), you’re probably excited to buy your first bike. There a lot of cheap mountain bike deals out there. However, there are many things to consider before making that purchase.

Like a pair of jeans, mountain bikes come in all sorts of styles and shapes, and they are packed with various features. What’s important is finding a bike that not only feels comfortable and easy to ride but is also robust and will last a long time. With all the different models available out there, it can be difficult to find the perfect bike for you.

We understand that it can be confusing choosing a bike when all you want to do is get out and ride. We promise you that taking the time to learn what kind of bike is best for you will save you money and increase your riding pleasure.

Try Before you Buy

When choosing a mountain bike, there are vital aspects to consider before you buy. Most stores will offer a “try before you buy” scheme where you pay a small amount to test the bike before committing to a purchase. We recommend doing this as it gives you a chance to discover what works for you and what doesn’t.

Mountain bikes can be a big investment. Getting your purchase right the first time is important for you and your wallet. Carefully consider the following points in our guide and take a few models of bikes for a test run before deciding on the one for you.

What to Look for in a Women’s Mountain Bike

Size and Fit

Bikes come in all sizes and lengths. Choosing one that matches your height and body type matters.

You should be able to stand astride your bike comfortably with both feet on the floor. You should be able to grip the handlebars without overstretching or feeling hunched.

A bike that’s too large will feel wobbly and unsafe. A bike that’s too small will inhibit your movement. Getting it just right will make you feel confident and you’ll get more out of your bike.


While it’s unnecessary to purchase a female-specific bike, it’s important to note that the suspension differs depending on who the bike is intended for.

Women’s mountain bikes have custom-tuned suspension for lighter riders. This can be fine-tuned to your weight. It’s an adjustment that adds to the comfort and enjoyment of your rides.

Contact Points

Handlebars and saddles come in models that are designed with the female body in mind. Women’s saddles tend to have a wider seat to allow for wider sit bones and a blunt nose to minimize discomfort. Handlebar grips tend to be narrower to account for smaller hands.

Still, many women prefer models designed for men. There is no rule that dictates the type of bike you must ride so you are certainly free to choose the one you are comfortable with. The key is to try out a few different types and decide which you prefer.

Choose Your Tires

What kind of terrain do you intend to bike on? Different types of terrain require different tires. Your bike specialist will be able to recommend the best tires for the typical surfaces on which you will ride. You can also check out this article on how to choose mountain bike tires for more information.


When you buy a mountain bike priced towards the low end, you can expect customization options to be limited.

If you want to fine-tune everything to your exact specifications, you need to pay for a bike that can accommodate this.

Higher-end bikes will have customization built-in as standard. The place you buy it should be able to adjust it to your liking. Everyone is different, so these subtle changes can make the difference between an enjoyable ride or one that hurts for days.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

You probably have a budget in mind for your bike. Don’t forget that the cost of accessories can add up too. Protective gears, such as a helmet and padded clothing, are as essential as the bike itself. It can save you from a severe injury. 

Invest in good quality, well-fitting gear at the highest standard you can afford. Plenty of brands out there are designed for the female body. Choose the one that fits your body best. We cannot stress enough the importance of this aspect of MTB.

Having a mountain bike that fits you and your needs will make a difference to your comfort and enjoyment of biking. It will also help prevent accidents and injuries. If you are looking to purchase a bike online, you can check out this guide to bike shopping online. If you’re having trouble choosing which bike to buy, chat with an expert who can make informed recommendations for your requirements. And remember, if you are not sure if a bike is the right one for you, you may be able to try before you buy.

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