What You Need to Know to Get the Best Wicker Furniture

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Posted 03/8/21 7:45am by Prim

Wicker furniture is a long-lasting and classy addition to any home. Its versatility means that it looks just as good in the garden as it does in the sunroom or lounge. However, it’s important to note that not all wicker furniture is created equal. Nor is wicker the cheapest option when it comes to purchasing home furniture.

If you plan to invest in wicker furniture, you need to understand what makes some wicker furniture better than others. Consider the frame material, the type of wicker, and the quality of the cushioning. Be realistic about your available space and look out for a bargain! 

Follow our handy guide. This will ensure you grab the best deals and the highest quality wicker furniture.

What is the Best Wicker Furniture to Buy?

There are several aspects to consider before you purchase wicker furniture. Obviously, you will have a budget to stay within.

To get the most for your money, tick a few of the following points off your list. 

Size up Your Space

First things first. Know the size of the space where your wicker furniture will live. That couch may be a great deal, but it’s no good if you get it home and find it’s too big for your space. A beautiful, comfortable chair can look ill at ease and uninviting if it’s too small for a large area. 

Measure everything twice. Then measure again. Knowing exactly how large your space is and how you will fill it will help you enormously when buying furniture. 

Steel or Aluminum Frames?

Wicker furniture frames are either made in steel or aluminum. While steel is more budget-friendly (steel frames are about 25 percent cheaper than aluminum frames), a steel frame is likely to lead to a rust problem later down the line.

Aluminum is more expensive than steel, but what you lose in cash, you gain in longevity. To support this argument, you’ll find that steel furniture typically only has a one-year warranty while aluminum may have a longer term warranty.

Another advantage of an aluminum frame is that it is lighter in weight while still strong enough to withstand heavy weight. Since it is lighter, it makes it easier to transport your furniture from one point to another or move around in your patio or yard.

Cushioning to Last

Aside from comfort, the longevity of the cushioning matters. Cheaper cushion coverings such as polyester are cheap, but they lose their shape and deteriorate faster.

Tougher fabrics, such as acrylic and olefin, will be on the pricier end of the scale but will withstand heavy use.

Waterproof fabric is a must if you plan to use your wicker furniture outside. Thicker materials will cope with all-weather. A thinner, polyester fabric won’t be as water-resistant.

Cushion filling is also important, with the best being foam wrapped in fiber. There are various grades of foam and fiber so ensure you are getting good quality material if you plan to sit on your wicker furniture often as opposed to having it as a treat or a decorative item.

What Kind of Wicker?

It may surprise you to know that there are several types of wicker on the market. Natural wicker such as rattan is made from plant material and is susceptible to rain, snow, and moisture.

If left outside, it can become brittle, break, or become saggy if exposed to sunlight and moisture. These types are better for indoor use away from rain and direct sunlight.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PE (polyethylene) are synthetic wicker materials. PVC is cheaper but more prone to damage such as fading, scratching, and tearing over time. PE is more expensive but much stronger than PVC. It is also weatherproof and recyclable. This is the ideal choice if you plan to leave your wicker furniture outdoor. While it’s more expensive, it will last longer.

Shop When There are Deals

While wicker furniture can be expensive, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a great deal. There are a lot of cheap wicker furniture on sale if you know where you look. If you are prepared to wait until the sales roll around, you will see prices drop dramatically.

Know that Spring is the worst season to buy wicker furniture. Stores will have all their new stock in time for Summer, so avoid this period if you can. The best time to buy wicker furniture is at the end of Summer – around September – when retailers are looking to offload their Summer stock to make way for Fall items. During this time you will find deep discounts on full sets of furniture.

You can also find bargains during the end-of-year sales when retailers get rid of any leftover stock from the previous year. While you can most definitely get a deal, it may be harder to find a complete set of furniture.

Our view is that you should always aim for the highest quality furniture within your budget. The more weather and use your wicker furniture can withstand, the longer it will last. This is a far better value for your money than buying cheap. Take your time, wait for the sales, and, before long, you’ll be relaxing on a fabulous wicker furniture set.

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