When is the Best Time to Buy a Grill?

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Posted 03/25/21 7:45am by Prim

Warmer weather is fast approaching, so we’re starting to gear up towards spending time outside again. We bet most of you can’t wait to dust off the outdoor furniture and invite friends and family for a good, old-fashioned cook-out.

However, to have a successful cook-out, you need a decent grill. Whether your preference is for a grill that is coal or gas-powered, if your existing grill has seen better days, it’s high time for an upgrade.

Let’s explore some options and uncover when is the best time to buy a grill.

Choosing Your Grill

First, consider what type of grill you want. Generally, fans of outdoor cooking are in two camps. You have those who prefer cooking on gas and those who like to stick to the more traditional charcoal BBQ. You also have smokers, which many people choose to have alongside their grill.

Regardless of which camp you’re in, you’ll find great deals. It’s simply helpful to know whether you want to focus on gas or charcoal-fired grills and to search for them at the right time.

Which is Cheapest – Gas or Charcoal?

Charcoal grills are much cheaper than gas-powered grills. This is because they don’t require any inner mechanics or components to make them work. The cheapest charcoal grill is generally half the price of the cheapest gas-powered grill. For the extremely budget-conscious, charcoal is the way to go.

We would always recommend buying the best quality grill that fits your budget. You’re better off picking a grill that’s outside of your budget and waiting for the price to drop rather than picking the cheapest grill to begin with. A great quality grill will last you many years before you need to replace it.

When Do Grills Go On Sale?

Buying items when people tend to want them less is best if you are looking for bargains. Few people get excited about buying a grill when Summer is ending, so this is when retailers give the deepest discounts. At the end of August and throughout September, you should be able to find fantastic deals on grills.

One date to mark in your calendar is Labor day. In 2021, this falls on September 6th. This is a huge shopping day, so you can expect to see one-off deals and the deepest discounts on grills.

Of course, we’ve got the whole Summer to go before we hit the Fall. We’re guessing you probably want to get your hands on a grill before the sunshine is in full swing. You’ll want the opportunity to enjoy a grill without having to break the bank to do so. The good news for you is that retailers realize this. While it might not be the most plentiful time of year for bargains on grills, you should be able to find a deal during the Spring and at the beginning of Summer.

Retailers, particularly those online, have great sales in May, June, and even July. This means you need to start looking from May 1 and note any upcoming sales events from your favorite retailers.

How to Shop for a Grill

To get the best deal, you must first know what you’re looking for. Before the sales get going, we recommend that you scope out grills and shortlist a few models you like the most.

Once you have this information, you can set up email alerts on retailers like Amazon and Home Depot. This way, the retailers will notify you as soon as a sale begins. This step is important as retailers will often only hold sales for limited periods or with limited stock. The upside of this is that these quick flash sales will usually have the best discounts.

Where to Shop for a Grill?

Grills are sold everywhere, but the large retailers can give the deepest discounts. Keep a close eye on the following stores.

Bricks and mortar stores:

Online stores:

If purchasing online, don’t forget to double-check the seller, their reviews, and their sales policies. You don’t want to be stung later down the line if you have to return the product for any reason.

In conclusion, if you can hang on until Fall to make a purchase, you will get the best deal possible. However, If you can’t last the Summer without a new grill, we think it’s best that you start looking from May onwards. A deal on your favorite grill will show up sooner or later. Stay attentive and be patient to make sure you don’t miss it.

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