Yes, Woot! Is Legit and Here’s How to Get Their Best Deals

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Posted 05/31/21 7:45am by Prim

Not all websites have good intentions. This is especially true for shopping and deal sites. They may appear genuine on the surface but sometimes they are just there to part you from your hard earned money without giving you a good deal.

Many people have debated whether or not products from Woot! are genuinely good deals. It often has deals that seem too good to be true. The good news is that it is a genuine deal website with many great deals.

It’s a subsidiary of Amazon and has been since 2010. Be reassured that one of the most successful businesses on the planet owns it. To get the best out of Woot!, you need to appreciate how it works. Although Amazon owns it, it operates differently.

Here’s how to get the best deals from Woot!

What Exactly is Woot!?

Woot! offers electronics and home products at a discount. The deals can be anything from 30-80% off, so you can grab a bargain for much cheaper than if you shopped on Amazon itself.

You can log in using your existing Amazon account. Amazon Prime members can enjoy free shipping on Woot! too.

Woot!’s deals differ every day or run for a very limited time. Many of these items are brand new but tend to be very low on stock levels. The site also sells refurbished and factory-conditioned items at a deep discount when available.

How to Sign Up to Woot!

If you already have an Amazon account, you’re set. Just use your existing Amazon login details on the Woot! site to enter.

If you don’t have an Amazon account, however, you can still use Woot!. Simply sign up using your email address and choose a username.

Once logged in, you can take advantage of all the current deals. Don’t forget that you won’t have to pay for Standard shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Prime members also get free Express shipping on Shirt.Woot orders. Otherwise unless you have Amazon Prime, shipping is $5 for Woot! orders and free standard shipping on Shirt.Woot orders.

What Deals are Available on Woot!?

Several deals run on Woot! at any given time, but the discounts can vary.

  • There are always short-term deals on multiple items running across seven categories.
  • Every day there is a single item at the top of the home page. This featured item carries a very deep discount. It’s available until midnight central time or until stocks run out.
  • The site also runs events called “Woot! Offs,” where a liquidator will list lots of items on the site at bargain prices. As soon as one item sells out, the next is posted. This continues until it’s all gone. 
  • Strangely, perhaps, the most popular deal of all is the “bag of crap” or “random crap!” The image used to identify this deal is a paper bag, which gives rise to the name. This is a surprise item. You could receive almost anything, from a refurbished coffee machine to the most sought-after games console. This deal is so popular that you can more or less expect the site to crash as soon as it is listed. 
  • Once a deal of any sort is sold out, you can no longer access it.

How to Get the Best Deals on Woot!

Part of the appeal of the site is that it’s fantastically random. You never know what’s going to be for sale. The best thing to do is check daily to see if any deals appear relevant to your needs and wants. To get the best items, you will need to be early – and quick. The most exciting deals disappear fast.

If you’re a night owl, it would be most advantageous to check the site just after midnight central time each day. That way, you’ll normally have a shot at getting the best product deals. We appreciate that this strategy isn’t very practical for most people. You can also check out websites that post woot deals.

Fortunately, you can find many notification apps out there specifically for Woot!. You can set these up to alert you whenever a great deal arrives. You can also check out Fandom for a comprehensive rundown of the best ones. This is the easiest way to ensure you don’t miss a deal without sacrificing your sleep.

The later it gets in the day, the less choice you will have, so it’s wise to act fast. Furthermore, before you buy anything, it is worth making a quick price comparison on other websites to see if you are truly getting a bargain. As with many other deal sites, a deal on Woot! is not certain to be the best offer out there.

Woot! is enormous fun because you never know what it will have in store. Give it a go and see what you can find.

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