Bloo Tide 6 Foot Soft Top Sufboard + Fins & Leash


Posted 10/1/20 6:55pm in


  • ** while supplies last **
  • Layered with a graphic top deck and bottoms, laminated with a rigid HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • Foiled rails create a custom feel and each board includes three bolt through 4.5 inch fins
  • Superior Molded Foam Core
  • WBS-IXL graphic top deck
  • HDPE high density polyethylene slick bottom
  • Swallow tail design, 3x bolt through 4.5in fin set, basic leash
  • Free shipping

This Bloo Tide 6 Foot Soft Top Sufboard comes with Fins & Leash.

Manufacturer: AGIT Global
Brand: Bloo Tide