Hemlock Corner Infrared Sauna with 7 Carbon Heaters: 3 Person Capacity


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  • Model no. SA3212
  • 7 energy efficient InfraWave FAR carbon heaters (1740 watts)
  • Constructed from “A” grade premium solid Hemlock wood
  • Tongue and groove joinery and a quick clasp buckle assembly system
  • Convenient fingertip interior and exterior LED control pads for easy to adjust settings
  • Comfort fit backrests, towel hooks and brushed stainless steel door handle
  • Electronic oxygen ionizer to help purify air and kill odor-causing bacteria
  • $231 shipping

This Hemlock Corner Infrared Sauna with 7 Carbon Heaters features 3 Person Capacity. Proudly backed by CE, CETL, RoHS and ISO 9001 certifications

Brand: Majestic Saunas
Model Number: SA3212
Merchant Item Number: 980068936

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