$49.99 Regal Ware Induction Cooktop with 6 Temperature Settings, Auto Shut-Off


Posted 04/8/12 2:22am in


  • Today only!!!HOT DEAL!!!
  • 6 Temperature settings, Auto Shut-Off, LED Touch pad controls
  • Digital Timer Instant, Temperature control
  • $5 shipping
  • This Regal Ware Induction Cooktop use the power of induction heat for energy efficient cooking. This convenient portable induction cooktop can be used where there is an electrical outlet. Burner stays cool to the touch, except for heat thats transferred from the heated food to the pan or surface.Efficient heating ? 90% of the energy generated by this induction cooktop is used to heat food- In gas and electric, only about 10-20% of the energy goes into the food, the rest is wastedCompact size makes it easy to store and carry.

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