$14.99 Vortex 18 Ounce 11,000 rpm Motor Portable Mixer Mug ? Set of 2


Posted 04/14/12 12:22pm in


  • Today only!!!HOT DEAL!!!while supplies last **
  • 18 ounce mug with 11,000 rpm motor
  • Leak proof lid
  • $5 shipping
  • This Vortex Portable Mixer has Leak proof lid, 18 ounce mug with 11,000 rpm motor that creates a vortex at a push of a button and mixes your drink. Completely blends any type of powder instantly, wont leave clumps of powder. it is easy to clean, add water and a drop of soap into Vortex and turn it on and within 30 seconds it will be clean. It is great for making protein shakes, Crystal Light, energy drinks, baby formula, cocktails, eggs, marinades, dressings, Jello, juices, or mixing cream and sugar for Coffee.

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