When Do Cyber Monday 2020 Deals Start?

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Posted 11/19/20 7:45am by Prim

Hot on the heels of Black Friday is Cyber Monday, an online shopping extravaganza packed with deals and discounts for just about anything you can think of.

However, there is one key difference in 2020 that will make Cyber Monday even bigger than usual. Due to this year’s ongoing pandemic, shoppers have turned away from high-street stores and are getting their retail therapy via the internet.

With so many shoppers heading online, you can expect some serious competition from major online retailers. This is good news for bargain hunters whether you looking for the latest laptop deals or patio dining set deals. There will be great deals designed to entice you to each online store.

When Do Cyber Monday Deals Start?

No matter the year, Cyber Monday always falls on the Monday directly after Thanksgiving.

The official 2020 time and date for Cyber Monday is 12 am on November 30th, 2020.

Some stores will offer discounts as early as the Saturday morning following Black Friday as a continuation of their Black Friday sale. However, the bulk of the Cyber Monday deals happen on the 30th.

How Long Does Cyber Monday Last?

Cyber Monday sales typically last one day at most major retailers. The best and deepest “Doorbuster” discounts should happen on the 30th. Deals will be in limited supply, especially for “in-demand goods.”

There will be some companies that will start Cyber Monday early or extend the sale throughout the week, essentially turning it into a Cyber Week. However, by the end of the week, many of Cyber Monday sales may be done and dusted.

Although there may be many great bargains still available in December, most of the in-demand items may be sold out by the end of Cyber Week.

What’s New for 2020?

As we outlined above, this year’s pandemic has shifted spending away from physical stores and toward the internet. As a result, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to become increasingly entwined.

Many physical stores have been forced to close, which means they will be unable to participate in Black Friday this year. Stores that are open will see a significant drop in their usual Black Friday traffic as people avoid crowded spaces.

This change in shopper behavior will mean that all stores with an online presence will be making a huge effort to bring Black Friday online. We’re already seeing deals in online stores. It’s worth keeping a close eye on your wishlist items.

What Do You Need To Do?

To pick up the best deals, you need to be in it for the long haul. If you want to catch the best discounts that appear on or just before midnight, then you need to be ready. Stay alert.

Have your tablet or laptop ready with tabs for your favorite stores open. If you have your eye on some specific items, keep the relevant tabs open on that item, too. Have your payment information ready to go. Keep refreshing the pages. When you see the price drop, don’t hesitate. Buy!

Where to Shop for the Best Deals?

Typically, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, and Target carry some of the best discounts. It’s worth checking other retailers, too, especially if you want something specific. If you have a favorite store, look out for their newsletter detailing what they may offer for Cyber Monday.

Bestbuy already has their Black Friday Ad Preview here. Some of these deals area already available now including deals on laptops, 4K Tvs, mobile phones, and appliances. If there is an item that you like and it’s already on sale for a great price, we recommend you purchase it now as some of them may be in limited supply.

Walmart has also already started their Black Friday deals early. Some of the items have already ran out but they do add new deals regularly. Again, if there is a deal you have been looking for and the price looks right, we recommend you grab it before its gone. It may come back later on during Black Friday or Cyber Monday but with the generous holiday return policies, it may be better to grab it while you can.

Some of the top deals already available from Walmart include:

Sam’s Club is also starting their sales early. They are having their 10 Days of Thanks-Savings Sale starting from Friday, November 20th to 29th, which is right before the official Cyber Monday sale.

Which is Better? Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

As the two major sales days merge, the differences in the discounts offered become less significant. Many stores will offer the greatest discount on Black Friday in 2020. If come Monday they have stock left, they’ll offer it with an even better deal.

Our top tip is to keep a close eye on both sale days. If you spot an excellent deal on Black Friday, don’t wait for Cyber Monday because it’s likely to sell out. Thankfully, most stores have excellent return policies, so if you do see the same item on sale for less on Cyber Monday, you can buy the Cyber Monday deal too and return the higher-priced Black Friday version.

Overall, we advise you to stay vigilant starting from now. Keep a close eye on your favorite stores throughout November and the first week of December. Prepare yourself the night before Black Friday and Cyber Monday starts so you can catch the deals early. That way, you won’t miss the deepest discounts.

As a final note, it’s worth checking in on the sales during their last days. While you won’t get any of this year’s hottest items (they will have already sold out), you may find extra deals to be had as stores attempt to clear their remaining stock.

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Good luck and happy shopping!

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